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‘Revolutionary’ sex toy made from anti-incontinence gadget

London, June 16 (ANI): A “revolutionary” sex toy has been accidentally created by medical researchers after a new device used to combat incontinence was found to induce orgasm.

The original pelvic stimulator was created to strengthen a woman’s pelvic floor muscle by sending weak electrical signals to contract and relax the muscles.

But scientists were left shocked when a group of woman from a focus group came back and told them it induced a “wonderful” and “unexpected” orgasm.

Now the medical company has joined forces with sex toy manufactures Jopen to create a “two-in-one” device that strengthens the pelvic area and also leaves the user feeling sexually satisfied, the Sun reported.

The Intensity – as it is now called – is fitted with electro-plates, which strengthen the pelvic area.

“The Intensity’s release has truly broken the mould in the industry of sex toys,” Emma Podmore from Sex Toys UK, who retail the product, said.

“It has closed the gap between sexual pleasure and health for the first time.

“Considering most women are effected by weak pelvic floor muscles due to age and child birth, this kind of product means that ladies are able to take back control of their bodies and sex lives,” Podmore added.

It comes with a hefty price tag of 249.95 pounds. (ANI)