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Nithyananda sues Gowda, claims 10 crores compensation

Bangalore, June 15 (): God-man Nithyananda has pulled Karnataka CM Sadananda Gowda to legal conflict, claiming 10 crores as compensation for causing damage to his ashram property and blaming the CM for sending the police force into his ashram premises.

In response to Nithyananda’s claim of Rs 10-crore as compensation, the chief minister of Karnataka said that action against the god-man was not meant for satisfying anybody, but it was taken in an intention to maintain law and order in the state. He said that for the welfare of the people he is prepared to face all the obstacles that comes his way, Gowda continued.

The CM added that on behalf of the information received by the officials on the ashram, police was sent to take action against the inmates. It is not only Nithyananda, but similar action will be taken against those who indulge in violating law and order, he replied angrily.

A couple of days back Sadananda Gowda gave an order to the police to arrest the god-man and also to seal his ashram complex situated in Bidadi, after sexual exploitation of women were broadcasted in the TV channel, due to which there was a large public outcry all over the state of Karnataka.

However Nithyananda blamed the CM for causing damage to his ashram, and said that the CM has misused his position by directing the police force to arrest him and seal his ashram. He also added “instead of giving protection to him and his property, the CM came under wrong guidance of the media and some anti-social elements in spite of not committing any crime at all,” maintained Nithyananda.

Following the arrest order the god-man surrendered the next day and was granted bail by a magistrate court, but was sent to the Mysore prison on Thursday. The police alleged that Nithyananda has been taken into custody on account of threat to his life by some anti –Nithyananda groups who created problem near his ashram.