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Sri Lankan Army continues to vandalize Tamil temples

Colombo, June 6 (): Sri Lanka, in its vicious attempt to wipe out the remaining traces of Tamils and their age-old places of worship, systematically engages in destroying and desecrating Hindu temples in various parts of the nation.

The fanatical Sinhala Army and the archaeology department of Sri Lanka work in close association to vandalize and destroy the Tamil temples. Several Saiva temples have been despoiled and demolished to pave way for the construction of Buddhist Viharas since the end of the war three years ago.

Mannaar is the closest landmass to Tamil Nadu. Social activists of the north opine that Sri Lanka’s Archaeology department’s attempts to bring Mannar under its Anuradhapura circle is believed to be a major scheme to culturally separate Mannar from Jaffna and thereby isolate the Tamils of the district.
Significant archaeological finds connected to the heritage of Eelam Tamils in the Mannar district usually go ‘missing’.

Some recent instances of vandalizing of Tamil temples has been witnessed, to the utter shock of the Tamil community.

May 2012 : The occupying Sri Lankan military in Kokkaddich-choalai destroyed many statues and other granite sculptures and desecrated the temple.

A Sinhala Government Agent (GA) in the country of Eelam Tamils, Mr Sarath Savindra in Mannaar, ordered the construction of a Buddhist temple at the Saiva sacred site of Thirukkeathesvaram.

The Sri Lankan GA of Trincomalee Major General (retd) Ranjith de Silva has seized 15 acres of land that belongs to the Trincomalee District Young Men’s Hindu Associations Federation (TDYMHAF) in the traditional Tamil village Kanniyaa, for the construction of a Buddhist Vihara. The seized land is located adjacent to Kanniyaa hot wells, a well-regarded place for Saivites. According to a communication submitted to the All Ceylon Hindu Congress (ACHC), a Buddhist monk is said to be managing the historic Kanniyaa hot wells.

June 2012:  Colombo’s Archaeology Department and the Sri Lankan Army have intruded into the historic Thaanthaamalai Murugan temple, situated in Paddippazhai DS division of Batticaloa district, revered by Saivites in the East as ‘China Kathirkaamam’. The villagers claim that Colombo is trying to construct a Buddhist stupa on the land that belongs to the historic Saiva temple.  Several traditional stone-statues at the historic temple have also been destroyed by the occupying military.

The obtrusive Sinhala Buddhist monks, assisted by the Sri Lanka Army, have occupied the Saiva temple at Kachchat-kodi Swamimalai village in the Paddippazhai division.

A ‘Buddhist pilgrim centre’ has already been constructed at Thirukkeatheevaram with the one and only aim of laying foundations for the Sinhalicisation of the site.

Sri Lanka with its vicious fanatical view, has not spared the minority Muslims too in the nation. In April 2012, Prime Minister D.M. Dayaratne ordered to demolish a 65-year old mosque in Dambulla in central Sri Lanka which shocked and hurt the island’s Muslim community.