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Karuna denies charges of pulling out of UPA

Chennai, May 30 (): DMK chief M Karunanidhi strongly denied on Wednesday that he had made any charges of pulling out from the UPA government if it fails to reduce the hike in petrol. He blamed the media for misquoting him by saying that the DMK had never mentioned about any pull out, it is all the work of the media who is trying to be the centre of attention, the DMK chief added.

Karunanidhi said that he had earlier told the reporters that the DMK never had a second thought in pulling out of the ministry in its history whenever the central government failed to address public matters, to which the DMK chief gave his explanation to the reporters by terming that, “I said that in a similar situation, the DMK has pulled out in the past that does not mean that the party is going to walk out now”.

As far as the presidential election is concerned, the DMK chief said that just few more days are left for the presidential polls to come and the DMK will never indulge in any such activities that will surprise the UPA government. He also said that whatever is in store, the DMK will always be the alliance of the UPA. Mr. Karunanidhi said that the prime minister has promised to have a look over the petrol price hike matter soon.

When asked by the reporters, whether the DMK will stop supporting the UPA, in case of no roll back in the hike of petrol, to which the DMK chief said that, he cannot say anything at the present juncture, because any such disaster happens then the communal forces will take hold of the opportunity and create unwanted problems which we shall not prefer, he added.

Earlier in the day, while speaking in a DMK gathering, regarding to the petrol hike, the DMK chief said that if the central government does not change its attitude towards petrol hike then the DMK will have to think about pulling out of the UPA soon.

Any how the DMK took a U-turn at the end of the day by refusing to have made any such comments.