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Jayalalithaa took a rally in Chennai against petrol hike

Chennai, May 29 (): The AIADMK in Tamil Nadu took a protest on Tuesday against the rising hike in petrol and also demanded for an urgent withdrawal of the hike. AIADMK party workers today gathered in large numbers including its MPs and MLAs who shouted slogans in front of the central government offices against the price hike, which has created lot of worries to the common man in the recent one week.

The party workers have regretted against the sudden price rise of the petrol, due to which none of the bulks have sufficient petrol to supply which in return caused great damage to the vehicle users from moving to their place of work.

The hike was strongly opposed by many party workers including the UPA supporters. Apart from protesting in Chennai, district headquarters and in Puducherry, the AIADMK party workers also showed their grievances by demonstrating at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi.

The AIADMK went into a protest a day before the DMK has announced to take a rally in Chennai, which is about to be led by the Party chief M Karunanidhi. The AIADMK supremo blamed the UPA government’s wrong tactics for pushing the country into deep trouble, as it was responsible for the rise in all essential commodities and also the economic slowdown .She also added by terming that the recent hike in petrol was like adding fuel to the fire.

Jayalalitha said that the petrol hike could have been well evaded had the government planned for a minimum profit. She also pointed that the most affected due to the hike in essential will be the middle class people.

She also cursed the government to withdraw its recent policy of hike in petrol, else there is no doubt that the tears of the poor will turn into a weapon and will ruin the government certainly. Senior AIADMK leaders including ministers and MPs, MLAs and state and district office bearers took part in the protest.