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Sachin Tendulkar out-Maddy in

Mumbai, May 26 (): HUL’s Rin brand ready to enter the fray with a fabric whitener, Jothy labs that manufacture Ujala brand of fabric whitener will not renew the contract with its brand ambassador Sachin Tendulakar in June and instead go for actor Madhavan known popularly as Maddy for Margo soap,one its products.

The company MD Ramachandran says that its fabric whitener brand will speak for itself. It wants to be stress on being known as a regional player since its markets have been in rural areas. Jyothy’s 28-year-old Ujala fabric whitener for whom Sachin is brand ambassador enjoys a national presence with a 74 per cent market share in the category, but the brand extensions have been limited to regional markets. Jothy with a strong presence as fabric whitener nationally is confident that its brand value will see it through without Sachin.

In the detergent market their brand has very little value and now Jothy has acquired Henkel portfolio which it plans to build a national presence with the Henkel the German company’s premium detergent brand — Henko Stain Champion. Henkel’s detergent range of products caters to all sections of detergent market with Henko at the top end (Rs 130 for 1 kg), followed by Mr White (Rs 67 for 1 kg) and Chek at the bottom (Rs 40 for 1 kg). 70 per cent of Jyothy Labs’ Rs 1,200-crore sales are not from cities but from rural markets. With the Henkel brands in its range, it is now hoping to capture the urban markets as well.

Jyothy Labs has signed in actor Madhavan to endorse its soap brand Margo. It was originally produced by Calcutta Chemicals but sold to Henkel-Spic. Jothy would position this as a national beauty brand. Created more than a decade Jyothy’s own soap brand Jeeva, will continue to cater to regional customers. The Rs 25 crore brand Ujala Stiff & Shine (launched in 2005 for coloured clothes) is limited to Kerala