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Jayalalithaa criticizes Cong led UPA for reducing kerosene share to TN

Chennai, May 26 (): Tamil Nadu Chief Minister on Friday criticized the Congress led UPA government for being so heartless, by reducing the share of the kerosene of the poor people in Tamil Nadu. The AIADMK supreme, posted a letter to the Prime Minister in which she has mentioned about the reduced share of kerosene to the state was just 39.429 for the month of Apr-June whereas 44,580 Kl was allotted earlier, she added.

Jayalalitha said that Kerosene is one of the main and very essential sources for the people who belong to poverty. The government has been not only severe but also heartless in decreasing the share of kerosene of the poor people. Its approach towards the poor proves that it is taking revenge on the poor just because they have voted to the AIADMK, she said.

The Tamil Nadu CM brought to the notice of the Prime Minister that she has already requested the PM to have pity on the poor people as the central government ‘s reduced agenda might play havoc in the daily life of the poor people.

She also said that she can only proclaim that this illogical approach by the government is absolutely unreasonable and unjust done to the poor people. She further added by saying that the Prime Minister should think over the matter of allocation once again and realise the need of the poor people by providing them with sufficient resource.

The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister said that reducing the share of kerosene is something like snatching from them their rights, which the AIADMK shall never support, as it believes that her party’s coming to power was due to the poor and the needy of the state. Hence AIADMK shall never forget the poor people, who are considered to be the heart of the ruling AIADMK party.

Jayalalitha declared her concern towards the rising price of the petrol which was a major issue for the common as he might find difficulties in meeting his family needs.