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Annular solar eclipse visible on Monday before sunrise

New Delhi, May20 (): People from various parts of the world will get to watch Monday’s annular solar eclipse, a very rare occasion which is expected to be visible as a thin ring behind the moon.

Unfortunately people in India will be missing the Ring of Fire as it will end before sunrise.

The annular solar eclipse takes place as the Sun, the Moon and the Earth comes  in a straight line, but as the obvious size of the moon is lesser in size than the sun,a part of the  sun will get  blocked which makes  the sun to appear similar to an annulus (ring),thus surrounding the outline of the moon.

People from northeast India can see a limited phase of the eclipse after the rise of the sun, for a short while, said an official of the ministry of earth sciences.

Seventy students have been taken to Hong Kong in order to witness the annular solar eclipse, where one can have a clear and exact view of the eclipse. The tour which is being headed by the SPACE president C.B. Devgun, said that students are also expected to take part in scientific activities and experiments, which includes call timing extent, a study about the change in ambient temperature and lunar limb profile measurements.

People all over India can watch through live webcast from Hong Kong by the SPACE expedition team in the following link: http://eclipsechasers.in/web_cast_video.html.

If at all one is not enough lucky to live in the path of the May 20 “ring of fire” solar eclipse, they can watch the amazing outline.

As several different channels will cover the live footage of the solar eclipse, all that one has to do is to log on to their computer or television.

The next solar eclipse is likely to take place after a period of eighteen years in June 2030, said scientists.