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Taruni Sachdev’s last meet with her friends before leaving to Nepal

Mumbai, May 17 (): Before leaving for Nepal trip on Friday, Taruni Sachdev met all her friends and hugged all of them saying it was the last time they were meeting. Best friend of Taruni Sachdev, 15- year-old Vriti Menghrajani recalled their meeting.

Taruni Sachdev, the child artist died in Nepal in a plane crash. Last rites of Taruni were performed on Wednesday evening.
Taruni’s body was carried from Kathmandu to Mumbai through cargo with her mother’s body on Wednesday. It reached Mumbai at 3 p.m. and the mortal remains were kept in their Khar residence. Later it was cremated around 5.30 p.m. at Santa Cruz cremation ground. Both the bodies were cremated simultaneously.

With grief Menghrajani shared their last meeting. When Taruni said that was their last meeting, all her friends were shocked and asked why she said such words; she just laughed and said she was joking. She told that it was her last meet seeing them before leaving to Nepal and to Bangalore, which was a month-long trip.

The whole friends’ gang did never think Taruni’s joke would come true.

Tania Ahuja, 14, another friend of Taruni recalled saying before leaving Taruni circulated a message from her phone that she is leaving for a month-long trip to Nepal and Bangalore. She also uploaded a photo of her and her mother. In their last meet, she hugged all the friends and fixed up her friendship with all those whom she had altercations in the past few months. It all seemed so strange for her friends now.

Taruni sent a message to Tanushkha Pillai, her best friend, just before lodging on the flight. She messaged jokingly asking Tanushkha if the plane get crashed, what would happen. At last, before switching off her phone, Taruni sent her last message to Tanuskha – ‘I love you’.

Tanushkha instantly replied ‘I love you too’. As, Taruni switched off her phone the message is undelivered still.

No cine personalities attended the funeral. Amitabh Bachchan, who acted with her as a school friend in the movie Paa, tweeted message and posted a personal note of condolence to the grieving family.