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Rifts in Karnataka BJP widen, Yeddyurappa lobby flays Sadananda Gowda

Bangaluru, May 12(ANI): Supporting legislators of former Chief Minister of Karnataka B S Yeddyurappa on Saturday flayed the state Chief Sadananda Gowda for not calling legislative party meeting.

Yeddyurappa loyalists have been demanding for a party meet after a secret letter written by Gowda to the party high command, asking disciplinary action against the legislators, who backed Yeddyurappa, was leaked.

Reportedly, some two or three months ago, Gowda had written a letter to Nitin Gadkari, chief of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), in which he exposed some leaders who were involved in anti- party activities.ukesh Gowda, legislator, said that Gowda was not paying heed to their demands and he had been avoiding the matter for a long time.

“There are 40 MLAs and 10 MPs who have signed it, so, we are requesting the legislator party meeting. If he is not calling, then it is left to the chief minister,” he said.

Gowda is facing fierce criticism from Yeddyurappa, who had already created ruckus over his demand to be reinstated as the Chief Minister of Karnataka, after the court cleared charges of graft against him.

However, Sukesh Gowda said that after nine months of Gowda’s charge of office, he never enquired from his legislators about any problem.

“It has been nine months he took the charge and we have given letter regarding the budgets also about the developmental work. Some of the development works happened and some of them have not. So, that is what we are requesting the chief minister to get our work done. If this is not cleared by the party president and the Chief Minister, naturally we have to approach the high command for this,” he said.

Earlier Yeddyurappa was forced to quit from his post of state chief after the Lokayukta report indicted him on his role in illegal mining scam and also for his alleged role in irregularities of allotment of land.

The Supreme Court on Friday ordered a probe against Yeddyurappa for nepotism, illegal land acquisition and favouring top mining companies to Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). (ANI)