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UP DIG caught on camera openly endorsing honour killing

Lucknow, May 9 ():Satish Kumar Mathur, Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Saharanpur range, was caught on a camera in which he was threatening a father who came to lodge a complaint of his missing daughter and also openly endorsing honour killing of the girl.

The incident happened in Prabudh Nagar district police station where a man  in his 40s, Shaukeen Mohammad, a resident of Kaserwa came to the police station and approached the DIG to request him to find his daughter who is missing, to which the DIG told him to kill his daughter who could have run away with someone.

The fourteen-year-old girl was kidnapped by a criminal gang from her residence a month ago. The worried father did not have the knowledge to register a complaint immediately, but on his neighbours’ advise he came to the police station on Tuesday and requested the DIG to find his daughter as he said he is afraid that the abductors will rape and kill her, to which the DIG was caught on  a camera of a media person, saying, ” Are you not  feeling ashamed of the daughter who has been missing for so long, if I would have been in your place I would have killed her and committed suicide.”

A media man who was standing nearby caught the entire incident live in his camera. The police officer however denied commenting a single word regarding the matter.

The abducted girl’s father gave a complaint against two men from his village. The police have registered a case against the two men Mokin  Satpal and  Oma Atra,but  did not take any action yet.

Shaukeen said that he has his own fears and doubts about how far the police is going to respond to his complaint, and expressed his fears about his innocent daughter who has no exposure to the outside world.