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LG India launches 3D smart TV – Review

New Delhi, May 4 (): On Thursday, May 3rd LG Electronics launched the world’s largest 3D Smart TV in India. Koreans has proved literally life is indeed an illusion.

In the 72 inch screen, when a bat hit a ball, it looks like the ball is really coming towards us and gives the feel of trying to catch it. Indeed, it was the magic of 3D technology. 3D has arrived in sensibility that gives a thrill to the viewer. The concept of depth, space, distance and the way we see things will get a change.

LG 3D Cinema Smart TV gives a depth to the pictures. It defines 3D viewing in many ways. The important is the picture is not confined to its screen. It reaches to you. When water splashes your first conditioned reaction will be to wipe your face. The punch of the hero comes directly to you and we get the feeling of protecting us. It seems, the pictures come out by few feet.

Let us see the 2D to 3D conversion feature. You can also transform your favourite dialogue into a 3D experience.

LG 3D Cinema Smart TV allows transformation existing pictures or movies into 3D mode easily. The conversion feature is very easy. The depth of the dialogue can be increased to 20 (maximum) from the features to get maximum 3D effect. 3D sound zooming can be done for dialogues.

The 3D sound zooming gives an additional dimension to the sound effect. The voice echoes arise from an unknown dimension, making us feel it was all there.

The remote of the TV is simple and gesture based. Gesture, pointing & wheeling are the high points within the remote. Another excellent feature, the Intel’s WiDi is inbuilt in the smart TV which facilitates wireless display of HDMI content. The standard features such as panels, web browser, WiFi and home dashboard are also present.

The price of the 3D TV ranges from Rs.40,000 and is up to Rs.7 lakhs. The TV screen is magnificently huge having 72 inches. And the price tag too is high for this 72 inch screen TV, which range up to Rs 7 lakhs.

LG cinema 3D smart TV is a better buy than spending on building a projection system.