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Al Qaeda named Farman Shinwari, new chief in Pakistan

Islamabad, Apr 30 (): Farman Shinwari, 30, had been named the leader of al Qaeda of Pakistan succeeds Badr Mansoor. The newspaper quoted that Shinwari was chosen the new chief of terrorist network of al Qaeda’s Dawa wing in Pakistan after consulting with the al Qaeda global leaders.

Sources said that Shinwari a close associate to slain al-Qaeda commander Badr Mansoor is the main reason for being named the chief. Badr Mansoor, one the al-Qaeda outfit leader was killed in North Waziristan by US attack on Feb 9 2011.

Farman Shinwari belongs to Khugakhel sub-tribe and has five brothers.

Shinwari’s brothers involved in Harkat-ul-Mujahideen, a terrorist group in Jammu & Kashmir.

Shinwari was close to Pakistan tribal belt and got degree in Science, very fluent in English and has computer knowledge. He was married three years back and has two kids.

The statement announcing him as the chief also stated that names like Osama bin Laden and Badr Mansoor have sacrificed lives for the sake of Islam. Unnamed Pakistan officials confirmed the news.

The sources told the al-Qaeda leaders in Pakistan were not involved in selection of Shinwari, but they only confirmed it. The announcement came after a year from Osama bin Laden’s death, who was killed in his house in Abbotabad, Pakistan by US Navy forces.

Shinwari’s elder brother Tamanchy Mulla ( Hazrat Nabi) was a teacher in a school in Landikotal. He belongs to Tehrik-i-Taliban and said to be sending terrorists to Afghanistan and Kashmir and also leading TTP men in Waziristan.

When Pakistani military forces launched attacks against terrorists at Landikotal few years back, the members of Farhan Shinwari’s family shifted to Waziristan. The military troops demolished Shinwari’s house in Khugakhel village and detained the members of his family.

Sources said that al Qaeda is taking advantage not only in tribal area also in proper Pakistan.