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Second H1N1 death reported from Chennai

Chennai, Apr 19 (): On Wednesday, the  State of Tamil Nadu experienced its second death due to the dreadful disease H1N1 following which fifty-five lakh doses of antibiotics were ordered by the State to fight against the alarming disease. In all, nearly fifty-four people were reported to be affected by the disease H1N1.

On Wednesday, a meeting was conducted at the Secretariat by V S Vijay, health minister and Girija Vaidhyanathan, health secretary with the officials of the senior health experts in order to control the disease and its further spread. The officials planned to propose an awareness programme across Tamil Nadu.

A senior health department official requested people not to get panicky as sufficient precautionary steps are being taken by the concerned authorities to keep things in control. The officials are yet to study and decide whether they have to give pentavalent vaccine along with H1N1 vaccine.

The State government has announced that the vaccine will be given free to the patient carrying respiratory diseases, tuberculosis, transplants, chronic disease and the elderly people with high risk. They also said that by the end of this week, 55 lakh doses of vaccines are expected to reach.

As far as experts are concerned, they said that in the year 2011 a total of twelve persons were reported dead due to the disease, and all the reported dead were either late in getting the treatment or were already suffering from respiratory disease or would have had a very weak immune system.

From Pudukkottai, a mother and her child were reported to be tested positive for the infection, said R T Porkai Pandian, director of public health. Of the total fifty-four cases tested positive in the State, half of the patients hail from Chennai, therefore continuous precautionary warnings have been given to most of the hospitals in Chennai and across Tamil Nadu.

People those who are running temperature are advised to take three paracetamol tablets a day. Patients with high fever should avoid medicines like steroids or aspirin as this might make the patient react against the disease.