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Lankan media publishes false allegations against Tamil Nadu

Chennai, Apr 3 (): The Tamil Nadu Police denied a SriLankan newspaper carrying a report that the State has three secret LTTE camps in which 150 cadres of the prohibited group are trained.

The Lankans are blaming India by saying that Tamil Nadu is running three secret camps in which 150 cadres are trained and they return back again to Sri Lanka pretending to be  fishermen to carry out a destabilization campaign.

DGP K Ramanujam alleged in a statement here that not a single LTTE training camp is found in Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka is trying to tarnish the reputation of Tamil Nadu by publishing such baseless reports. The DGP said that a few years back a similar report was aired in Sri Lanka and later they apologized for publishing false reports.

Ramanujam said that the State police maintained a strict vigil round the clock checking the movements of the extremist and militant organizations in the city. Above all,even a slightly suspicious person is detected and interrogated immediately and if found guilty is lodged in special camps. He added that these are all complete wrong allegations which should not be given much importance. and the Sri Lankan government is trying to divert things.

On Monday,the Sri Lankan newspaper carried a report by saying that three  LTTE accused who  murdered  a member of the Eelam People’s Democratic  party (EPDP) last month in the eastern district of Trincomalee, has confessed  in  their  interrogation  that Tamil Nadu is  running secret  camps and they too  have been trained there.

The Indian high Commission in Colombo too denied the report. He urged in a statement on Monday that the report ‘Tigers return from India on destabilization mission-SL intelligence’ was false. He said that no such information have been brought to the notice of the Indian government, as related agencies from both the countries are having mutual understanding.