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Asus launches GTX 680 graphics card

New Delhi, Mar 28 (): GTX 680 graphic card was launched in the Indian market by Asus on Tuesday. Based on its Kepler architecture, the company claimed that GTX 680 is the fastest graphics card for a desktop computer at the moment.

Already there is ZOTC’s GTX 680 is in the market, Asus launched its GTX 680 in the market. GTX 680 comes with 256 bit memory interface, 32 ROPs, 128 texture units and 1,536 CUDA cores and 2GB of GDDR5 clocked at 6008MHz actual. It has a TDP of 195W. Just like AMD’s flagship card, GTX 680 is built using 28nm foundry process, and features the company’s new 3.54 billion transistor Kepler GPU.

The company has also bundled Asus GPU Tweak app with the card and it seamlessly integrates with the new GPU Boost design from NVIDIA, and allows over-clockers to get the most out of the GTX 680. It has instant clock modification built directly in the card BIOS, so you can go for in-depth overclocking and tuning out of the box.

The GTX 680 serves as the launch vehicle for new NVIDIA Adaptive Vertical Sync technology, which automatically compensates for frame rate fluctuations in-game via use of intelligent VSync activation and moderation. Based on actual frame rates, the GTX 680 can turn VSync on or off, ensuring smoother visuals and reduced stutter in even the most intense games, as a result of better GPU resource management. The technology also frees gamer from the need to manually turn VSync on and off in different games.

The Asus GTX 680 2GD5 has been priced at Rs. 46,000 excluding taxes, roughly Rs. 14,000 more than ZOTAC’s GTX 680 offering, which has been priced at Rs. 32,000.

The Nvidia GeForce GTX 680 is a fighting contender for the crown of the fastest single-GPU card, competing and even beating the AMD Radeon HD 7970 in some cases.