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Naa Ishtam – Telugu Movie Review

Hyderabad, March 24 (): Naa Ishtam movie is a romantic comedy entertainer. Naa Ishtam is directed by Prakash Toleti and produced by Prachuri Keerti under United Movies banner.




Director : Prakash Toleti
Producer : Paruchuri Kireeti
Music Director : Chakri
Starring: Rana Daggubati, Genelia Dsouza, Harshavardhan Rane, Nasser


Ganesh (Rana Daggubati) is a selfish young guy who works in Malaysia. He works as an event manager. His sole aim is to make money and make more money. He does not believe in things like sentiment. He is only interested in money and will do anything for that.

On the other hand, Krishnaveni (Genelia) is a girl with dreams of love in her eyes. She is in love with Kishore (Harshavardhan Rane) and elopes from home after her father Naidu (Nasser) disagree her love. They both decide to take their love a step ahead and get married. She reaches Malaysia. However, to her surprise and dismay Kishore fails to turn up.

Selfish Ganesh who hopes to make money surrenders her to Naidu. After seeing Krishnaveni’s family, Ganesh realizes she is going into the wrong hands and takes her back to Malaysia. Friendship between Ganesh and Krishnaveni develops and the duo gets close to each other.

The lover boy Kishore makes an appearance and comes across Ganesh. Ganesh as expected is not ready to give up on his lady love and decides to make life difficult for his opponent. He also makes sure that he expresses his love to Genelia.

How will Naidu react? How does Ganesh handle Kishore with his ways who is trying to win her again and will Ganesh win his love forms the crux!!! To know the answer, watch the film on the silver screen.


Daggubati Rana is effective in the role of a young guy, who is practical in life. Rana has done dances, fights and tried out all the commercial elements in the movie. He does a good job in the comedy scenes too.

Genelia is gorgeous and she has done a good job within the limits as the actress hasn’t had much to perform. She carries her role quite well.

Harshvardhan Rane provided good competition to Rana as Kishore.

Nazar is effective as usual.

The cinematographer Venkat Prasad has done a decent job though they have not managed to convince the public that it is Malaysia.

Editor Kona Venkateshwara Rao could have done better.

The music by Chakri ranges from hummable to good and complements the movie.

Debutant Prakash Tholeti seems to be highly influenced by his director Sukumar in terms of etching the characterizations of the lead stars but he scored negative points for the supporting characters roles like Nasser, Subba Raju, Brahmanandam.


The story is outdated and routine and lacks freshness.

The poor screenplay and weak direction make the film into just an average movie. On the whole, ‘Naa Ishtam’ disappoints.