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India offers a helping hand to distressed spouses of NRI men

Delhi, Mar 10 (): Harassment, torture, desertion, misuse of cyberspace etc are not new for the Indian brides of NRI men. Women victims of fraudulent marriages with NRI men finally get a helping hand from the Indian government.

With the numerous cases of desertion and harassment by NRI men surfacing, it is a welcome initiative by the govt of India. Booklets and pamphlets on safeguards, legal remedies and authorities for redress of grievances to assist women deserted by their non-resident Indian (NRI) husbands have been brought out by the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs.

The pamphlet, “Thinking of marriage of your daughter with an NRI?” highlights safety measures for parents to consider, before getting their girl married off to a NRI man.

The booklet, ‘Marriages to Overseas Indians’, has precise information on safeguards for women deserted by their NRI spouses, legal remedies they can take advantage of and the authorities they can turn to for remedying their grievances.

Legal and financial assistance to deserted or divorced overseas Indian women have also been provided by the Indian government. Now, the scheme has been altered to come to the rescue of deserted Indian women, who have been abandoned by their overseas husbands or are facing divorce proceedings in foreign soil.

Government assistance is offered only to a woman who has been deserted in India or overseas within 15 years of her marriage or her Indian/foreign husband initiated the divorce proceedings within 15 years of their marriage.

Financial aid will be limited to $3,000 per case in developed countries and $2,000 per case in developing countries. The funds are directly released to the advocate of the applicant / Indian community association / women’s organization/ non-government organization which assists the woman in filing the case.

The National Commission for Women (NCW) has been appointed as the national coordinating agency for handling issues relating to NRI marriages since 2008.

Most Indian missions or embassies have help desks to assist them, a fact that not many women are aware of.