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Oscar statues auctioned for 3 million dollars

Los Angeles, March 1 (): Los Angeles auctioneer Nate D. Sanders sold 15 Academy Award Statuettes at an online auction this past week for a grand total of $3 million, organizers said on Wednesday.

The most money made from a single collection of Oscars in a sale by bid. The trophies were auctioned in Los Angeles, and they were from winners and their families who didn’t want the gold figures anymore. This is the epitome of “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

Auctioneer Nate D Sanders said the hot seller of the collection was Herman Mankiewicz’s statuette for best screenplay, which he won for co-writing the 1941 film “Citizen Kane” with Orson Welles. The Oscar sold for $588,455.

Other statuettes that pulled in high sums included the 1933 best picture award for the drama “Cavalcade,” which brought in $332,165, while the oldest statuette in the collection, the 1931 best picture award for “Skippy,” netted the third highest total. It sold for $301,973.

An Oscar given to Charles Coburn in 1943 for best supporting actor in “The More the Merrier” held special significance as the first statuette ever awarded in the best supporting actor category. It went for $170,459.

“People continue to be drawn to the magic of the movies and were extremely enthusiastic bidding on the Oscars, which accounted for the high demand and sales prices,” Sanders said.

The identities of the main buyers at the auction were not revealed. The $3 million generated by the auction was the most ever made for a sale by bid of Oscars, and it was the most statuettes ever put up for auction in a single event, said Laura Yntema, spokeswoman for the auction house. The auction house had anticipated the sale would bring in $2 million.

The auction for the 15 statuettes went live online in mid-February and the sale ended on Tuesday. Bidding continued on Sunday, when the 84th annual Academy Awards were held.

According to reports, the best picture Oscar for the 1939 film “Gone With the Wind” was sold to singer Michael Jackson in 1999 for a record $1.54 million.