| 2012 | January | 29

  • Rajinikanth’s Kochadaiyaan: Brings back late Nagesh, 80 cameras used

    Chennai, Feb 29 (): The latest news in Kollywood circle, Rajinikanth is bringing back late actor Nagesh with his upcoming Tamil film Kochadaiyaan through an animated character of the veteran actor and 80 cameras are used for the shoot. Soundarya Rajinikanth, the younger daughter of Rajinikanth and the director of the movie ‘Kochadaiyaan’ is planning…

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  • Mayan Light Beam Photo: Message from Gods or iPhone Glitch?

    Mexico, Feb 29 (): Few days back, few images of “El Castillo,” a Mayan temple on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico was revealed. Among them, one was with a mysterious “light beam” emerging from the top. El Castillo is a pyramid that once served as a sacred temple to the Mayan god Kukulkan. Once Hector…

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  • Coming soon, eye-controlled computer games for disabled kids

    London, Feb 29 (ANI): Scientists at a UK university have found a way to help children who cannot use a mouse or keyboard to play computer games. They are developing new computer games, which can be controlled by eye movements. The project at De Montfort University aims to allow severely disabled youngsters to play computer…

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