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Antony says Italian marines accused of killing fishermen will be tried under Indian law

Thiruvananthapuram, Feb 26 (ANI): Defence Minister A K Antony on Sunday said the Italian marines accused of killing two Indian fishermen will be prosecuted under the Indian law.

“The firing towards the two fishermen by the Italian Marines was regrettable and has to be condemned. Now, the enquiry is on in the right direction. The government of Kerala is handling the case very effectively,” Antony told the media on the sidelines of an event here.

“Union Government will support all efforts of Kerala Government in this regard. The case will go on as per Indian law. Indian courts are independent,” he added.

According to reports, a Special Investigation Team of the Kerala Police has completed the search and seizure of weapons on board the Italian vessel Enrica Lexie. he two Italian marines-Latore Massimiliano and Salvatore Girone-are in judicial custody and a Kollam court has permitted police to seize the arms allegedly used to fire on the fishermen.

The Italian naval guards were arrested for the killing of two Indian fishermen off Kollam coast on February 15.

The two naval guards have been charged with murder of the fishermen. The Italian government maintains that the guards opened fire on the assumption that the fishermen were pirates. (ANI)