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Friend’s letter

[ Poetry serial – Malartamil poems – in the Citizen Column on  Fridays and Mondays]

Friend’s letter

Quite unexpected
Your letter comes
Like the first monsoon rain

Your memories rise
A fragrance out of
Dry earth

Your handwriting
In the envelope’s address
Each letter
A teardrop

Imprisoned in the
Present time
Longing for a
Secret confidence
My eyes drink
All your words

The sunken ways
Leading to the fort of the Past
The long lines

A virtual reality of
The happiest moments
End with your
Signature at bottom

Please write again
Drag me to dead years


This poem translated from original Tamil poem published in Singai Express. Also visualised and telecast in Singapore Television in the year 2000


( From the poetry collection to be published, Poem No 23 Category “Internal”)


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