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[ Poetry serial – Malartamil poems – in the Citizen Column on Fridays and Mondays]

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Just before the Enlightenment
When Prince Sidharth was
Meditating under the Papul
A foolish mosquito bit him
And migrated to mountains in Lanka

For Two point five millennia
Trapped in the resins of a blood tree
The mosquito too meditated.

Then came a brilliant Briton
Of black and white beard
Who took the insect out
And cloned for one
But got two

He sent one to the east
And the rest to the west
To become
A freedom fighter and a loyal soldier
Of the terror park
Surrounded by Tsunamic seas

One from the west
Came to the east
Raped sisters in front of brothers
Mothers in front of sons
Made fun of digging the eyes
Cutting the p—-
And slicing the breast.

One from the east
came to the west
blew himself burst throwing
innocent hearts and healthy kidneys
to pile on the ground.

At this moment
Seated between
A bullet and the target
A smiling baby
Is traveling a bus
On the road
From Colombo to Jaffna
Towards its destiny.

( From the poetry collection to be published, Poem No 3 Category “External”)