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Madras High Court tops disposal chart

Chennai, Jan 31 () : In spite of criticism that the Madurai bench of the Madras High Court was suffering unnecessary boycotts and leisurely hearing rates, the bench disposed of 46,233 civil cases of the 56,602 cases filed during the year. In the same way, the bench disposed 25,810 criminal cases, whereas 29,308 new cases were filed during the year.

The Chief Justice of India S H Kapadia in his Law Day address, has felt necessary to make a distinction between pendency and arrears of cases, and clarified that there was a “totally wrong impression that there have been millions of cases pending”.

Kapadia said arrears in High Courts and subordinate courts were to the tune of 3.19 crore, in which 74% cases were less than five years old. A look at the number of new cases instituted and the cases disposed of during the period of 2011 does disclose the fact that it is an equal race between the new cases and the disposal of the one which is in waiting.

“It is matter of great concern that in spite of a record disposal, our pendency of cases will go up by another 30,000 because of the filing of more and more cases. Raising the number of courts, creating more judge posts and bettering communications for the judiciary is the only possible way to wipe out pendency. Alternative dispute resolution mechanisms should be given a boost to perform better,” was said by S Prabakaran, president, Tamil Nadu Advocates Association and member, Bar Council of India. This is the fifth year in a row that the Madras HC has remained at the top of the national litigation disposal table, a court official said.

Anoop George Philip added that these figures did not include the several thousands of cases settled at permanent Lok Adalats and the HC mediation and conciliation centers.