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Bangalore: Mother of dead actress uses her photograph for prostitution

Bangalore, Jan 29 (): Pimps cheating their customers by showing photographs of small-time actress and getting more money for a night are nowadays getting normal in Bangalore. They would get Rs 10,000 to Rs 20,000 for a night with a small-time actress, but would only have ordinary -looking women. Obviously customers would be too scared to approach the police.

In a similar cheating case, the mother of a small-time actress lured customers with a photograph of her daughter.  But when they walked into her house to spend time with the beautiful looking actress, they were in for a shock. In fact, the actress in the photographs was Sparsha, a young, small-time actress who died 10 years ago. But using her photographs to make a quick buck was 50-year-old Saroja, her mother and the pimp.

She would lure potential customers with pictures of Sparsha, charging between Rs 10,000 and Rs 20,000 per customer. But when customers met Anita (35) or Deekshita (24) instead, they would get the shock of their lives despite the two claiming to be small-screen actresses.

When customers would land at her place, she would say that the woman in the photograph was not available, but others were. Desperate customers would have no choice. But when police got to know of the racket, they arrested Saroja, her husband Krishnamurthy and the two women who were part of the prostitution racket.

Sparsha, who had played small roles in more than 20 Kannada films and serials, died in an accident in 2002 while on her way to Chennai. Saroja, who would accompany her to locations, also managed to get two roles, but they soon dried up. That’s when she hit upon the idea of using her daughter’s fame to make a quick buck and Saroja became a pimp.

Saroja capitalized on the fact that cheated men would not put themselves in trouble by complaining it to the police. She has been fooling such poor men in the last two years. Customers objecting to this would be threatened with a rape charge.

The police somehow got information and raided the house of the pimp at HSR layout. Saroja was very smart in fooling her sons and daughters-in-law who lived with her in the same house. She would let the two prostitutes , she would tell her sons and daughters-in-law that they were part of the troupe and were there to learn singing.

A police officer present at the raid said, “Saroja’s home has a big photo of Sparsha which people admire, but Saroja has been using it to make money. Krishnamurthy, her husband, kept mum because he needed the money. We have arrested all four who were produced in court.”