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News channel plays obscene clip in background, shocks all

London, Jan 26 (): Viewers of a News channel got the shock of their lives after a television monitor showing a nude woman engaged in a sex act shocked sharp-eyed viewers who spotted the x-rated action as it appeared in the background of a live news broadcast. The woman appeared on the channel for few seconds as John MacKay, the host of the show interviewed Dan Hodges, a political blogger.Viewers of the program Scotland Tonight were watching a discussion on Ed Miliband’s Labour leadership.

What some didn’t see was the topless blonde woman having sex over Hodges left shoulder that was playing on one of the news room’s television screens. The Daily Mail reports, “The raunchy clip, which appeared on STV, is thought to have been from an episode of Channel 4 drama Shameless.

Reports reveal that Hodges was in ITN’s Londonstudio, when the woman appeared on a screen behind him on Jan 20. The channel, however, apologized for the mistake after Paul Traynor, a viewer made a formal complaint.

The channel’s spokesman said that STV hoped that the viewers were not too distracted with the incidental content that flashed across on the show.

A spokesman for broadcaster said, “No one in the newsroom realised the blunder had happened until they watched the footage. It’s unfortunate but in a busy newsroom, we have monitors showing the various TV channels. You can only see the scene for a few seconds and the vast majority of viewers probably won’t even have spotted it. However, it was probably a bit of a distraction and not exactly what they expected to see on Scotland Tonight.”

The video clip of the explicit sex  scene was uploaded to YouTube, and has been featured on the Internet where it has gone viral on many news sites.