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Rajnikanth website AllAboutRajni.com secret revealed

Chennai, Jan 25 (): You may all know that a website dedicated to famous Tamil star Rajnikanth named All About Rajni (AllAboutRajni.com) was launched just couple of days back.

The website has been built and launched by DesiMartini. The interesting part of All About Rajni is that this website works without any internet connection. They say the site work under Rajni power.

The website isn’t like any other website in the world. You have to disconnect your Internet to earn the right to browse the website. Yes, you need to be offline to be able to access the portal.

How could that be possible? The website All About Rajni works without internet connection because it gets downloaded to your computer the very first time you try to access it. Once it has been downloaded to folder of the local computer, it allows you to continue to access it from your own local computer’s folder.

The website is nothing but a Flash file that needs an initial Internet connection to get download on the computer. Once the Flash file is downloaded, technically, the whole website is now on your computer’s hard drive itself.

Then, whatever link you try to click on the website, it picks up the relevant information page from your own computer and displays it.

The extra lines of program code that keeps checking if the internet connection on the local computer is ON or OFF. It checks the availability of the internet connection by continuously pinging certain site or server which can be accessed only via internet connection.

So if that website or server is reachable by the program code, then it recognizes the availability of internet connection and gives an error. Only once internet is OFF that server or website become unreachable and it allows you to access AllAboutRajni website further on.

The website program doesn’t check the internet availability once but it keeps checking it continuously in the background so that even while you are accessing the Rajni’s website, if you try to switch ON your computer’s internet connection, it again throws an error.

Technically speaking, such a functionality of accessing the website from local computer rather than from internet has been incorporated using HTML5’s offline storage specs.

So, the secret behind Rajni power is revealed.