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Exclusive Literature Opinion

To god @heaven.com (-cc :[email protected])

In the lonely work station
I click
To see empty mail box.

Decide to address
For the first time to You

You know how do I do.
What the hell are you doing
In the so called heaven?

Eating the dark matter
Sipping the cosmic rays
In the billion billion star suite?
You may be scripting a
Dialogue between Obama and the dead Osama
Or a message of non violence
For the tongue of Dalai Lama.

In the Arabian deserts
Greedy Cooks fry Dollars in the crude oil
For the dinner of unholy angels
To enjoy paradise on the earth
Dear Divine Chef
You too are cooked and done
By the billionaire gourmets
Very sure,
You are no more near the poor.

In the increasing disorders
Of this expanding universe
Your orders are disobeyed.
Your kingdom is lost.

Your intelligent designs
Are designing themselves
The Reproduction is now
Just a Production and tomorrow
It will be Manufacture.
Soon you may die jobless

You may be so big
Bigger than this expanding universe
But the smallest particle
Is named after You.

Your Return
Preached predicted many times
Has gone to the point of no return
Your turn will never come

Forgive for my

Yours lovingly

[email protected]


( From the poetry collection to be published, Poem No 1 Category “External”)