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Brazilian Big Brother: Contestant rapes inmate on live TV

Brasilia, Jan 19 ():  A housemate in the Brazilian version of reality TV show “Big Brother” was raped by another contestant while she was apparently asleep inside the house. The shocking incident happened after an alcohol-fuelled party and was shown on live television.

Viewers were shocked in the early hours of Sunday to watch contestant Daniel Echaniz 31, apparently force himself on 23-year-old student Monique Amin, who had passed out drunk after a booze party. Night cameras filmed Echaniz, a male model get into the bed where Amin was sleeping before appearing to have sex with her under the covers. Throughout the incident, Amin appeared unconscious.

“A 31-year-old contestant, Daniel Echaniz allegedly raped 23-year-old student Monique Amin, who had passed out drunk after a party Sunday”, media reports said.

On hearing the news, police carried out a search of the studios in Rio de Janeiro, where the “Big Brother Brazil” is being filmed and are investigating the matter. Police have also ordered to stop broadcasting the “Big Brother Brazil” show which is watched by an average TV audience of about eight million.

A statement from Globo TV said: “Chief of Police Antônio Ricardo Nunes, head of the Police Department of Rio de Janeiro, has been at Globo TV production centre to listen to the questioning of student Monique Amin and model Daniel Echaniz. “They were both seen in intimate scenes at Big Brother Brazil 12, images that generated suspicion of sexual abuse. During her testimony, however, Monique said she was aware of the facts and acted deliberately.”

“Globo TV looked into the facts once suspicion began, and all early indications pointed to similar scenes of past editions of the reality show. After evaluation, Globo TV decided to remove Daniel in order to provide formal information to the police. The producers of the show determined that the participant’s behaviour was inappropriate and prevent him from returning.”