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Nanban – All izz not well!

Jan 16 (): When I was watching this movie, my son sitting beside me asked  ‘why did you bring me to watch this old movie?’. He is only 7 and he has seen a few scenes of 3 idiots and does not understand Hindi. That kind of sums up the experience of Nanban for those who have seen the original.

Comparisons are bound to be there since Nanban is a remake and on most counts, Nanban does not do justice. However, Shankar must be banking on the fact that there’s a whole fresh audience that hasn’t watched 3 idiots, and they might just like this.  For this reason, Nanban may end up becoming even one of the biggest hits of this year. This piece is all about the comparison of Nanban with 3 idiots. The review of this movie is available here.

The good points of Nanban are that Jeeva has definitely performed better than Sharman Joshi and Srikanth has made an honest attempt and it was close to Maddy’s performance. There was only one original dialogue in the whole movie when Srikanth mentions that the story of ‘millimeter’ becoming ‘centimeter’ was as crisp as Thirukkural.

Both Jeeva and Srikanth got into their characters pretty well and were the only two reasons to watch Nanban. S J Surya in a cameo was a good choice, though I am not sure why he chose to essay that role.

Vijay has tried to imitate every mannerism of Aamir in the original including his hand position when Ileana kisses him in the last scene. Effectively, he doesn’t feel a part of the movie. Sathyaraj, if left to his own elements would have essayed the role of Boman pretty well. Instead, he was forced to use the same mannerisms of Boman and it falls flat. Sathyaraj can certainly do better than that. The less said about Ileana’s and Sathyan’s performance, the better it would be.

I believe that everyone has fallen for the bait that Shankar is at the helm and went ahead imitating the original without giving any second thoughts. Yours truly was also of the view that Shankar would have improved/improvised on the original and was extremely disappointed. He should not have stooped to this level.

Music by Harris was so uninspiring and I think he is giving  one bad movie after the other. 7aam arivu was definitely forgettable in terms of music and now it is the turn of Nanban. The only hummable song ‘en frienda pola’ is a straight lift of Airtel’s advertisement ‘ovvoru friendum thevai machan’. I am really stumped as to why people still have trust in someone like Harris.

Overall, Nanban looked like a college drama that didn’t go well as per the plans in comparison to 3 idiots. Just to add, 3 idiots by itself was not a great effort to be lauded.