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More Android devices activated every day than babies born

London, Jan 14 (ANI): More Android handsets are activated every day than babies are born on earth, it has been claimed.

Robert Kyncl, YouTube’s head of content, told the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that in December last year 700,000 Android handsets were activated every day.

The United Nations statistics has revealed that around 300,000 babies are born worldwide every day.

Kyncl joked that Google would now have to look for customers on other planets, The Telegraph reports.

According to the report, with more and more mobile handset manufacturers launching Android handsets, it seems that the number of activations will be high for a while yet.

Software giant Microsoft and mobile maker Nokia are attempting to rival Google’s Android operating system with a range of phones powered by Windows Phone 7.

At CES, the two companies confirmed the forthcoming Lumia 900, a larger sibling of the Lumia 800, which was launched last year. (ANI)