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Cricket: Dhoni to retire from Test Cricket by 2013?

Perth, Jan 12 ():  India’s World cup winning captain and flamboyant batsman Mahendra Singh Dhoni took everyone by surprise when he hinted retirement from test cricket by 2013. According to him, this retirement will facilitate his good show in the 2015 cricket World Cup.

“If I have to see through the 2015 (World Cup), I would have to retire from one of the formats,” Dhoni told media persons at Perth on Thursday.

Dhoni, who has played in 66 Tests so far and won 17 of the 36 matches in which he has captained, almost casually mentioned it which took everyone by surprise at the press conference.

However, Dhoni didn’t make it clear as to when he has decided to retire. Earlier he said that he will decide by 2013 whether to play in 2015 World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.  Summing up, it’s understandable that his decision will come by 2013. If he decides to play in the 2015 World cup, he may retire from test cricket.

Dhoni had earlier been quoted in the media that he will decide by 2013 if he will play in 2015 World Cup. “What I really meant is by 2013 I would have to see where I stand as to my body. Whether I will be able to survive till the 2015 World Cup,” he said to the media.

“Of course form is a big factor but also what I need to say is that all of a sudden in 2014 if I feel I can’t survive the 2015 World Cup and there comes a new wicket keeper who has played just 30 ODIs, it’s not fair”.

“At 2013 end, I have to decide if fit enough to proceed in one of the formats. It’s not for personal but for country and for the individual who is taking my position. He should have played 70-80 ODIs before he goes in World Cup. That’s my personal thinking,” he said.