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Prepaid mobile users can get itemised bill by paying Rs 50

New Delhi, Jan 9 (): The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) on Friday announced that pre-paid mobile users can now get an itemised bill from service providers on request and at a price not exceeding Rs 50.

“To ensure that pre-paid consumers get their itemised usage of their account, the service providers have been mandated to provide the same within 30 days to the consumer on request and at a reasonable cost not exceeding Rs 50,” TRAI  said in its ‘Telecom Consumers Protection Regulations, 2012′.

Besides this, the regulator has called for the setting up of a toll-free consumer care number and change existing three-tier complaint redress mechanism of call centre, nodal centre and appellate authority to a two-tier one by doing away with the nodal officer.

The consumer can also get details of his tariff plan, available balance in his account and details of any value-added service activated on his telephone number at any time from the service provider, free of charge.

The TRAI has asked operators to set up a web-based complaint monitoring system through which the consumer can track their complaints. If a consumer is not satisfied or his complaint remains unaddressed, he can approach the next tier – the Appellate Authority for redressal of his complaints.

According to TRAI, about 96 per cent of consumers are in the pre-paid category and unlike post-paid consumers, the pre-paid consumers do not get any bills for their usage and the amount charged.

Operators have also been asked to provide a start-up kit (SUK) to each subscriber at the time of enrolment, which will include the SIM card and mobile number, besides an abridged version of the citizen’s charter.

Similarly, the vouchers offered by the service providers have been simplified and standardised into three categories — plan vouchers, top-up vouchers and special tariff vouchers (STV).