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U.S to support Taliban office in Qatar,agrees to release prisoners

Washington, Jan 5 ():  The Taliban movement for the first time since its formation, announced its willingness to have peace talks in a public statement. It also expressed its intention to open a political office in Qatar.

The incredible peace deal comes after several months of efforts by the U.S. government. The American officials in Afghanistan have repeatedly stressed the need for a peace deal – the only way to stop a decade of war and achieve peace.

Though the U.S shows lot of character to the peace talks, the Afghan President Hamid Karzai is not that much impressed as he wants Taliban’s office to be located either in Saudi Arabia or Turkey.

Last month, Karzai’s government recalled its ambassador to Qatar in a sign of displeasure over not being sufficiently informed about contacts between the Americans, the Qataris and the Taliban.

The U.S goes one step forward in agreeing to free the alleged terrorists in exchange for Afghanistan’s agreement to cooperate with peace talks and open a political office in the nation of Qatar.

Leading defence studies experts have supported this move by U.S, calling it the only way to end America’s war in Afghanistan.

“I think this marks that point in time where there’s an admission, maybe not openly, that we’re not going to achieve a military overwhelming dominance with the Taliban,” Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer from the Center for Advanced Defense Studies tells RT. “I think the idea of releasing these individuals without an idea of what we’re getting in return is not really a good idea and I think it’s almost an act of desperation.”

Officials in Obama administration said that prisoners will be freed as long as the Taliban continues plans to open an embassy of sorts in Qatar to begin negotiations.

While world countries were keeping a close look at the developments, suicide bombings were reported in the southern city of Kandahar. Well, the Talibans are at work. Let’s talk peace after office hours.