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$132 million luxury yacht features on-board limousine

Melbourne, Dec 22 (ANI): A new luxury yacht called Sovereign comes with a matching on board limousine for its owners to travel while at port.

The 132 million-dollar vessel has been created by luxury boat and car designer Gray Design.

The Swedish company released a similar car-boat combo in 2010, called the Strand Craft, but has gone a step further with Sovereign.

The yacht took ‘design cues from exclusive limousines’ and looks like a much larger sea version of the car it comes with.

“We thought about a typical person on board one of these yachts and asked: how do they travel on land? Well – limousine,” News.com.au quoted design boss Eduard Gray telling CNN.

The 100 metre long luxury vessel features furniture designed by Armani, a swimming pool, golfing green, ten guest suites, a nightclub, private cinema and a helicopter pad – apart from the limousine that can be lifted onto land using on board cranes.

For all its extravagance, the Sovereign proves that it is possible to be excessive and eco-friendly. It uses a wind turbine in the yacht’s mast and solar panels on the cabin roof to generate clean energy to run itself.

According to the Daily Mail, the boat is still in the engineering stage, but should enter production soon. (ANI)