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Oz women in twenties ‘most-tattooed’

Melbourne, Dec 15 (ANI): Women in their twenties are the most-tattooed Australians, according to a new research findings.

A La Trobe University study has revealed that one in three women aged 20 to 29 sports a tattoo.

Ribs, waists, feet and the nape of the neck are the new canvas for phrases that last a lifetime.

“Your average person who isn’t right into tattoos just wants lettering,” the Herald Sun quoted Andre Cleary, owner of Blackburn’s Taboo Tattoo as saying.

“It’s mainstream, it’s not special,” he said.

The study of more than 8600 Australians revealed that about one in seven sport a design.

Those most likely to have been inked are people in their 20s and 30s, men with less education, tradesmen, and women with live-out partners.

According to the report smokers, people who’ve had more lovers, women who use cannabis and men who’ve had depression also figure heavily among the inked.

“Despite the recent gentrification of tattooing,” researchers said, “tattoos still appear to be associated with risk taking behaviour in adults.”

A vox pop of Chapel St shoppers found women’s motivation ranges from love to whim.

Dental receptionist Rhiannon Reed got her grandfather’s signature on her ribs.

“They (the designs) are all really close to me. My grandfather passed away and I wanted to get something in his honour,” she said.

Dental nurse Sandy Fortuno got a Japanese character.

“The one on my neck is for strength. I got it at the time my nephew was born and he was sick,” she said.

“I wouldn’t mind getting something on my wrist: ‘Eternity and beyond’,” she added. (ANI)