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Unemployment ‘most discussed problem’ globally

London, Dec 12 (ANI): Unemployment is now one of the world’s most talked-about problems, according to a new study.

The survey involving 23 countries has revealed that worklessness has joined corruption and poverty as one of the most debated issues across the globe.

In the past month the number of people discussing unemployment crisis rose to 18 percent, up from 15 percent last year and 3 percent in 2009, the Telegraph reported.

Between July and September, almost a fifth talked about being without a job, with 24 percent discussing corruption and 20 percent extreme poverty.

In the UK, the unemployment toll is all set to rise to almost 3 million next year as economic downturn bites harder with experts predicting the jobs market will get worse before it gets better.

Unemployment is currently 8.3 percent, or 2.6 million, and the number of young Britons out of work has reached one in five.

Although unemployment has so far not reached the dizzy heights of previous recessions, the subject is becoming an obvious talking point as concerns over the euro zone spread and global growth prospects weaken.

Unemployment is the most talked about issue in Spain, where worklessness is currently at 22.6 percent, the poll of 11,293 people by BBC World Service, out on Monday, revealed. (ANI)