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Talibans Claim to Have Flattened an Afghan Nato Base

Kabul, Dec 2 (): Afghan officials say a suicide bomber has detonated his explosives-filled vehicle outside a NATO base in eastern Afghanistan, killing at least one and injuring dozens of people.

The Taliban took responsibility for the attack in Logar province on December 2, saying the vehicle was loaded with 14 tons of explosives.

The NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) said one coalition soldier was wounded. There were no ISAF fatalities.

The bomber tried to enter Combat Outpost McClain in Mohammad Agha district of Logar province, said Gen. Ghulam Saki Rooghlawanay, the provincial police chief. When the bomber was not allowed onto the base, he drove his vehicle toward a group of buildings that included government offices, a clinic and a youth center and detonated it, Rooghlawanay said.

“It was a very powerful explosion,” he said. “It was a semitrailer with explosives.”

“An Afghan carpenter who was working at the base was killed”, said Dr. Mohammad Zaref Nayebkhail, health director in the province. “The explosion damaged a wall of the base, destroyed four houses and nearly demolished a health clinic, youth center and building housing the humanitarian organization CARE International”, Nayebkhail added.

Many nearby residents were injured; three Afghan soldiers and two Afghan intelligence employees were among those wounded. There were no students in the youth center because Friday is part of the Afghan weekend. “We were very lucky,” said provincial Governor Atiqullah Ludin.

NATO confirmed that an explosion occurred near the entrance to the base and said the truck never penetrated security protecting the installation. No NATO service members were injured or killed in the attack.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack in its website. They claim to have killed dozens of troops. They tweeted that the ”martyr attack” had flattened a “US invaders military base. Dozens of American cowards killed.”