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US warns Pakistan of terror attacks in Indian soil

Washington, Dec 1 (): US warned Pakistan of serious consequences if there is another terror attack of Pakistani origin on India, a former top adviser to President Barack Obama has said.

In an interview to PBS news, Gen (Rtd) James Jones, who was the National Security Adviser to President Barack Obama from January 2009 to October 2010, said the warning was conveyed to Pakistan several times after the 2008 Mumbai terror attack.

“I’ve said this in exactly those words, and I think my former colleagues at the NSC (National Security Council) and at the State Department have done the same thing – is that you really don’t understand, or we don’t understand why you don’t understand that you’re playing Russian roulette here with your future because if there is another attack originating from Pakistan in India, you know, Prime Minister Singh isn’t going to be able to (hold back),” he said.

The US top official was very clear that the US cannot restrain India from attacking Pakistan in the event of another Pak-supported terror attack. “We told the Pakistanis that we cannot hold back Dr Singh in the event of another terror attack on Indian soil from Pakistan,” he said answering questions.

Jones also praised Dr.Singh for being calm and patient in trying to resolve highly sensitive issues in a more peaceful manner.

The former NSA said that many counties are willing to help Pakistan if it gives up its policy of supporting extremist elements.

“There is a network of leaders that were willing to do a lot of things that would have helped Pakistan in its serious economic problems… and revamping the society from ground up and in return Pakistan is being asked to renounce terror as an instrument of its foreign policy,” he said.