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Rising prices and not Anna Hazare reason for anti congress wave- Thackeray

Mumbai, Nov 7 (): The rising prices of essential commodities has created the public sentiment against the Congress and Anna Hazare claims that he is reason for the anti Congress wave says Shiv Sena Chief Bal Thackeray on the decision of Anna to campaign in the coming elections in the five states if Jan lok Pal bill is not passed.

The 94-year-old Gandhian Shambhu Dutt, who started the campaign for Lok Pal bill last year told PTI that he regrets having handed over the baton to Anna Hazare and his yes men.

In his mouthpiece Samna he took a wide swipe at the Gandhian and questioned his flip flops on various issues and personalities. Thackeray said at one point Anna praises Sonia and Manmohan Singh and then in the same breath praises Modi. Now if TMC and DMK pull the rug them he will claim credit for it too said the Shiv Sena chieftain.

Team Anna and particularly Arvind Kejriwal has lost the credibility in the eyes of those who know the inside story. The core committee is full of all yes men and there is no substance in the committee. The excesses and transgresses will prove to be undoing of Hazare’s campaign,” Dutt claimed.

“Hazare keeps changing his stand. Earlier he said he would not oppose Congress. He should have waited to see what kind of bill the government is proposing before Parliament. We supported Hazare’s corruption campaign but we have objections to some of the provisions in the Jan Lokpal bill,” he added. Dutt has given a draft of his bill to the Parliament committee.