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Kamal Haasan’s Birthday Message

Chennai, Nov 7 (): Kamal Haasan is celebrating his 57th birthday today. The star in his special birthday message has delivered to his fans worldwide his concern towards the society.

Kamal requested his fans to maintain a good and a clean environment to lead a happy and a healthy life. The Ulaganayagan has come out with an innovative way to thank them for their greetings and also send a message to them.

Kamal Haasan has said that the fans’ taste should improve only then he can make good movies. The actor par excellence, who has a keen eye for detail in every aspect of film making, has said that he is improving his taste with each passing day and due to this he is able to give good entertainers.

“The way one waters plants to keep them fresh and healthy, we actors too need constant appreciation and love from our fans and critics to keep us going. But again there is something far more superior and that is, to be humane.”

Addressing his fans, Kamal said, “I am a superstar, I have name, fame and wealth and I am very happy with whatever I have achieved. But this glory will not last forever, for there is something bigger than what I am and have achieved. So I as an actor have struck stardom for sure but I have miles to go.”

To create awareness among people about the importance of nature, Kamal said, “It would be nice if all of you could contribute your bit towards saving the earth by keeping the environment clean. If you could vow to do that, I would be grateful to you and consider it my birthday present. I’m thankful to all of you, for your limitless love and appreciation.”

Kamal confesses to be a self-critic and wishes every fan of his to turn into one.

Fans of Kamal Haasan are celebrating the birthday of the actor in their own way organizing a slew of welfare measures as part of the Kamal Haasan Narpani Iyakkam. Blood donation and organ donation camps and distribution of aid to the needy and poor are also being organised.