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CPM leader jailed for contempt of Court

Kochi, Nov 8 ( ): For  the  first time that an Indian court has awarded a politician, who called judges “idiots”,  the maximum punishment of six months imprisonment in a contempt case. A division bench comprising Justices V Ram Kumar and P Q Barkat Ali passed the order after launching suo motu contempt proceedings against Jayarajan, a former MLA.

The court had on June 10 charge sheeted him in the case after finding that the terminologies used by Jayarajan to describe judges were intended to “humiliate, scandalize and lower the authority” of the court in the eyes of public and also to interfere with the administration of justice.

He was jailed on these comments after the division bench verdict of the Kerala High Court for banning public meetings on roadsides, CPI (M) state committee member M V Jayarajan called the judges ‘idiots’. Jayarajan, a former state legislator, said that if these judges who banned the meetings were left with any self respect, they should quit the office.

“Instead of interpreting the intention of the Legislative Assembly, some idiots have been making regulations, which were against public interest. This is not suitable for a democratic nation,” said the    CPI (M) leader. Jayarajan was in trouble for using Malayalam words ‘shumbhanmar’ (fool, idiot, dunce) and ‘pulluvila’ (of little value) and other usages in his remarks against the judges of the High Court during a public speech here on June 26, 2010 recorded by the TV channels whose evidence did him in.

Jayarajan was charged with abetment of offence under IPC sections 116 and 117 by the Town Police here for his alleged speech on October 19 at a function held by the Students Federation of India (SFI) in which he had reportedly said that the police officer ,who had opened fire at the protesting SFI workers in Kozhikode earlier should be ‘physically handled’ whenever he (the police officer) was seen without uniform. His senior party colleague T. Sivadasa Menon in his speech at another function held by the SFI at Thalassery a few days later said that the police officer could be physically handled even if he was in the police uniform.