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Careers not to be blamed for delayed pregnancy

Melbourne, Nov 8 (ANI): It is not a woman’s career, but the unrelenting search for Mr Right, which makes her opt for having children late into her 30s, a new study has revealed.

Women say not finding Mr Right, having a partner who will not commit to the relationship or having children, lack of cash, education debts and housing costs are the main reasons for postponing parenthood.

A potential mother, Narelle Craig, 30, said she did not want to rush into starting a family until ‘all the boxes were ticked’, the Herald Sun reported.

She has embarked on a new relationship, but the topic of children has not yet been discussed.

“It’s not about being career-obsessed, historically I haven’t been with the right man,” she said.

“Most girls want to have children, but meeting the right person is something you can’t control.”

The study revealed that most women aged between 30 and 34 want to have children, but could not for reasons not under their control.

There were only 20 of the 569 Australian women surveyed by Jean Hailes for Women’s Health researchers who said that they did not want to have any children.

According to Dr Sara Holton, one of the authors of the study, women require more support to have kids.

“This blows away the assumption that it’s a voluntary thing for women, that they can choose when and how many children they have,” she said.

“Women need more support to have children and men should be educated on the impact of age on fertility,” she added.

The study has been recently published in the Journal of Population Health. (ANI)