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Statue of Liberty closed her doors – Seeman denied entry to USA

New York , Nov 5 ( ): Director and Naam Tamilar Leader – Seeman was scheduled to visit several American cities and proposed to speak various meetings and gatherings. He has planned to visit both East and West coast of US. Elaborate arrangements has been made to conduct meeting in Fremont, California (Bay Area) – head quarters of world’s high tech industries with a sizable population of Tamil Americans who have roots in India and Sri Lanka.

Though Seeman was having ten years multiple entry visa to visit US, he has been denied  at the port of entry in USA. He has travelled all the way from Chennai to East coast, US and returned back within few hours of his landing in US. It is sad that the world’s greatest democracy is unwilling to understand the plight of the Tamil People.

Seeman is an excellent orator and is known for the commanding, thought provoking speeches – it has energized many sections of the Tamil community in the last few years. He has an unwavering support towards the Eelam Tamils and highlighted their sufferings in the world arena several times in the past. He has numerous followers and supporters in the USA. It is estimated that a sizeable population of Tamils would have attended Seeman’s Meeting.

He speaks passionately with contents and substance. When compared to many of his peers back in Tamil Nadu his speech is unparalleled. It is palpable that many of the stage speakers – “speak for the sake of speaking” with empty rhetoric. Their speech and action does not match with their ideology (Interestingly many don’t have one). However Seeman is known for his commitment towards his speech and thought process. His speeches are measurable with the deeds. He speaks with lot of examples, quotes and events that are historic in nature and perspective. He has all the good qualities of a great leader – who never compromise their ideology for the sake of petty benefits and meagre advances in politics