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Dogs walked by men four times likelier to threaten and bite other dogs

Washington, Nov 4 (ANI): Dogs walked by men are four times more likely to threaten and bite other dogs, one of the world’s largest studies of dogs on walks has revealed.

Petr Rezac and his team from Mendel University studied close to 2,000 dog-dog interactions on owner-led walks held in the city of Brno, Czech Republic.

The observations were made in the mornings and afternoons at 30 different areas of the city where owners frequently walk with their dogs.

The study found that the sex of the owner had the biggest effect on whether or not the dog would threaten or bite another dog.

“We propose that the occurrence of threat and biting in dogs on a walk may have some connection with aggressive tendencies and/or impulsivity in people,” Discovery News quoted Rezac as saying.

“Dogs are able to perceive subtle messages of threat emitted by another dog. Simultaneously, dogs are unusually skilled at reading human social and communicative behaviour,” he said.

The researchers also found that the presence, or not, of a leash can make a big difference, as dogs off a leash sniffed one another more often than dogs on a leash and also threatened each other twice as often when on a leash.

“This is most likely a reflection of the frustration dogs feel when the leash prohibits them from expressing normal greeting behaviours,” Inga Fricke, director of Sheltering and Pet Care Issues at the Humane Society of the United States, said.

The other expected conclusions of the study were that, by far the most frequent interaction of dogs of all ages in public places was body sniffing, males sniff females more often, males and females prefer to play with each other than with members of their own sex, adult males mark the most, puppies play together more than twice as often as adults and 11 times as often as seniors, and dogs prefer to play with similarly sized individuals. (ANI)