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DMK to appeal to Delhi HC over Kanimozhi bail plea- Kushboo

New Delhi, Nov 4 (): ”We are filing for Kanimozhi’s bail tomorrow in the high court. But looking at the argument it seems as though except for Mr Jethmalani or Mr Sundaram everybody has a come to a conclusion that they are guilty. But we know they are innocent till proven guilty. So why the branding of white collared criminals?” actor and DMK functionary Khusboo said while speaking to CNN-IBN on Thursday.

‘A murder may be committed in the heat of moment upon passion being aroused. An economic offence is committed with cool calculation and deliberate design with an eye on personal profit regardless of consequence to community’, the judge noted.

“If a person knows that even after misappropriating huge public funds, he can come out on bail, after spending a few months in jail, and thereafter he can continue to enjoy the ill-gotten wealth obtained by illegal means, that would only encourage many others to commit similar crimes in the belief that even if they have to spend a few months in jail, they can lead lavish and comfortable lives thereafter, utilizing the public funds acquired by them.

In fact, not everyone would mind luxurious living for him and his family, even if it comes at the cost of spending a few months in jail.  A strong message therefore needs to be sent to these white-collared criminals and those who are waiting in the wings that in the long run, it does not pay to be on the wrong side of the law, “the judge ruled