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Team Anna meets in Hazare’s house

Mumbai, Oct 30 () : Kejriwal, Bhushan and Kiran Bedi of Team Anna called on Anna Hazare at his house in Ralegan Siddhi near Mumbai. The three members who are mired in controversies briefed Anna about the discussions that took place in his absence at Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh.

The core team had yesterday decided that it would not be disbanded and would continue to fight the tactics of the government unitedly to create rift within the ranks.

Some of the core team members quit on the decision to oppose the Congress in Hisar and allegations from ex- members like Swami Agnivesh that Kejriwal diverted the donations to an NGO run by himself. He was also asked by IT to pay up the dues. Kiran Bedi was found overcharging her sponsors who invited her for functions and depositing the excess money in her account. Anna who is on vow of silence through his blogs supported the trio and blamed that a group of four within the Congress were playing dirty tricks on the team.

The team threatened that its members will campaign against the Congress party during next year’s assembly polls if a strong Jan Lokpal bill is not passed in the winter session of parliament.

In an attempt to show that all was well with the group, which has come under attack from within, the core committee also passed a “unanimous” resolution backing the decision to campaign against the Congress candidate in the recent Hisar by-poll, and rejecting all charges of financial misconduct against two of the most prominent faces of the movement — Arvind Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi. It also ruled out the disbanding of the core committee as demanded by one of the members, Kumar Vishwas, on Friday.

On its Facebook post Anna’s India Against Corruption, however guarded itself saying: “It is the people of India, not some political party and its leaders who will decide whether Anna and his team are on the right path or not. It is the people of India who will be the deciding factor in this fight for Jan Lokpal.”