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Lanka’s UPFA battered by sectional split

Chennai, Oct 13 (): With the violence – marred local body polls in Sri Lanka just over and as though not enough, a Colombo suburb witnesses a deadly shootout today between rival sections of Sri Lanka’s ruling party, President Rajapakses United Peoples Freedom Alliance (UPFA), once more bringing the spotlight on the island country’s aggression  and violence – ridden  politics.

Four people were killed in the gun battle in Kolonowa, police said.

Worried citizens have appealed to the government to take appropriate action, indicating that war or no war, killings continue in the country putting innocent civilians on alarm and panic.

The victory celebrations of war are now fading away and the rulers are facing the reality of politics after the local elections. When more democracy returns to Sri Lanka it is likely to expose the weakness of the ruling party as there is no more excuse for lapses in dealing with the day to day problems of the people.

The contradictions within the alliance and the factional fighting within the ruling party combined with the high handedness of Rajapakse family will help the opposition parties to gain upper hand in the next few years.

Adding to the woes of the ruling party Mr. Rajapakse and his team shall be tried in the international forums for war crimes which will demand the rulers in concentrating on their self defence and hiding of war crimes still distancing them from attending to the issues of governance.

The recent defeat of ruling combine in the capital city Colombo in local elections and the factional fights mark the beginning of the fall of Rajapakse regime, observe the political analysts.