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Burning Ravana effigy brings bad luck

Dharmashala, Oct 6 (): When people across the country today burn effigy of Ravana and his brothers and celebrate it as victory of good over evil on Dusherra day today, in a sleepy village Baijnath, a town of Kangra district located about 60 km from here, people do not burn the effigy of Ravana. Even markets remain closed in Baijnath and Paprola. In fact, people don’t even buy sweets on the occasion.

Villagers cite an incident to drive home their belief . They say that some people in the town tried to celebrate Dussehra about a decade ago. They burned the effigy of Ravana according to tradition. However, all of them died before the next Dussehra. The people interpreted it as Lord Shiva’s wrath and nobody dared to celebrate the festival again.

Yet another belief is that wearing gold will anger Lord Shiva and Ravana angered his idol by building a palace in gold. Due to this there is no gold smith in the village.

According to folk lore Ravana during  during the Treta Yug, offered his ten heads to the sacred fire while worshiping Lord Shiva on Mount Kailash, Pleased the God gave him a lingam and told him not to keep it down till he reached Lanka. Ravana on his way wanted to answer the call of nature and saw a shepherd boy Baiju and told him to hold it. Unable to bear the weight the shepherd kept it down and the lingam got installed on the ground. Since then the place was known as Baijnath.