| 2011 | January | 1

  • India-Singapore Joint military excercise

    New Delhi, Oct1, () After a joint military exercise with Sri Lanka, India announced that a similar exercise with Singapore would take place at the air force base at Kalaikunda in West Bengal. The Air force of both the countries would engage in combined operations. Republic of Singapore Air Force JMT activities for 30 days…

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  • Cherie Blair plans to open clinics in supermarkets ‘to cash in on Tory health reforms’

    London, Oct 1 (ANI): British barrister Cherie Blair is reportedly entering into business with an American former fund manager, by planning to open private clinics in supermarkets. The former Labour leader’s wife is going into business with the millionaire American Gail Lese, also a former Republican political candidate, who has launched 22 health-related companies since…

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